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Year-Round Thanksgiving Dinners Made Easy

  Why is it that my family looks forward to Thanksgiving so much? That’s what I asked myself this afternoon and I was shocked to realize that I don’t really make these big meals with their favorites foods, like Butterball turkey often enough. This year I made quite a few changes in my life. While […]

Divide and Conquer: How to Prepare a Great Meal with Many Cooks in the Kitchen

I’m lucky. My husband is an incredible cook (he’s owned and operated restaurants and catering companies) and my son inherited hubby’s cooking genes. While hubby won’t go near the kitchen on a day to day basis, when it comes to cooking for a crowd – he’s ALL IN. The downside of having 3 cooks in […]

What to Bring as a Guest on Thanksgiving: Asiago Whipped Mashed Potatoes with Turkey Bacon

We’ve all done it. We’ve either called the hostess asking what we should bring, or been called by everyone who’s coming to dinner. As the host/hostess your first reaction may be a heroic “Oh, you don’t have to bring anything, just you being there is enough.” FORGET the heroics. At least here at the mansion […]

One Week and Counting: Head Start on the Big Day

“Relax…it’s only a dinner.” That’s what my husband says as he walks out of the house to leave me with all of the preparations for Thanksgiving. It’s ONLY a DINNER? My family, his family, friends will all be descending on MY CASA in expectation of the meal that they’ve been looking forward to all year […]

It’s All in How You Cook It

Creative cooking is not my forté. I married a chef. Calculated? Perhaps. While I spent most of my life living a highly creative life (I’ve been an actress, a dancer and a writer), my creative cooking attempts have been more mess than masterpiece. Thankfully, there are guidelines, or directions that make cooking a turkey and […]

Your Thanksgiving Meal for Less

Doesn’t it seem like you spend a month’s worth of your food budget on Thanksgiving? That’s the way it used to be for me as well, until I got smarter about saving. When I’d look over our Thanksgiving Day menu with five different hors d’oeuvres, a spread that meant I needed to set up an extra […]

Kids are Coming Home from College: How Thanksgiving Has Changed Over the Years

Better get the washer and dryer tuned up, cause Ben’s coming home from college and bringing his girlfriend and friends that have no place else to go. As hectic as Thanksgiving weekend is, I always love having everyone together. Of course, what I fantasize happening and what REALLY happens are two totally different things. For […]

My #1 Question for the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line

How do I cook the perfect turkey? That sounds like one of those questions that can have a different answer depending upon who’s asking it. Before I arrived at Butterball University that was the question that I would ask the 1-800-Butterball Turkey Talk-Line if I were calling. The turkey is the centerpiece of a holiday […]

Preparing Thanksgiving Classics

Whether I like it or not, I prepare recipes that have been handed down from my mother-in-law for Thanksgiving. I’m not a “natural” cook (meaning, without a recipe in front of me, the kitchen becomes a disaster area and dinner becomes take-out). So, by preparing her tried-and-true recipes, I am able to reproduce the dinner […]

My First Experience at Butterball University

It would be crazy to think that I came to this event without some preconceived notion of what goes on behind the scenes at this Thanksgiving institution. I suppose in some way I thought of it as a phone room much like a television shopping station or those people who call to sell insurance and […]