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5 Thanksgiving Day Traditions that You Can Start With Your Family

We all want Thanksgiving to be more than turkey and football.  We all want our children to realize how blessed and lucky they are.  We want them to be thankful for all that they have.  Sometimes this message gets lost among the pies, mashed potatoes, and turkey.  Traditions to Consider for Your Family: 1) Have […]

Roles and Responsibilities for Thanksgiving Day

According to a survey done by Butterball, preparing the Thanksgiving meal has turned into a group effort.  No longer do mom or grandma to cook the entire Thanksgiving dinner. Of those surveyed, more than 50% of Baby Boomers (adults age 45-64) are asking their guests to bring a dish. This trend spans generations, although 60% […]

Meet your Dietary Needs with a Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

When I was diagnosed as Celiac and forced to switch to a gluten free diet, I was certain that I would never eat anything that tasted good again.  I mean, I was positive of this.  Gluten seemed to be in everything.  All of the labels I read would have something in it that I could […]

Turkey Roasting Tips and Techniques

  We all have heard the jokes about first-time homemakers cooking the Thanksgiving turkey and having it turn out dried and shriveled.  Or roasting it with the baggie of gizzards still inside the cavity of the bird.  Or perhaps we have done one or both of those things.  Ahem. It turns out, that roasting a […]

Year-Round Thanksgiving Dinners Made Easy

I love Thanksgiving food.  Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes—all of it covered with gravy.  It is the perfect meal. It is my favorite meal.  I also serve it on Christmas and Easter because I have managed to convince my family that they don’t really like ham.  I also serve it on random days throughout the year […]

What to Do With All That Leftover Turkey

I always buy a much larger turkey than I need for Thanksgiving.  Given the amount of people who are eating at my house on Thanksgiving, this is quite a feat. I like having a lot of leftovers to make into other dishes.  Of course I save the carcass and make it into turkey soup.  I […]

Allergen Free Thanksgiving

Odds are if you host a gathering for Thanksgiving that one or more people will have some dietary restrictions.  It could be an allergy, keeping kosher, being vegetarian, or diabetic.  I am here to tell you that making small accommodations are easy, not to mention thoughtful at this time of year. Last year when I […]

Making Your Own Thanksgiving Decorations, With Kids

Rather than go out and spend money on decorations for your home and table for Thanksgiving, have a look around at what you can repurpose for this use. Go outside and gather some of those leaves that are changing colors, pick up some acorns and some pine cones. Almost anything can be turned into a […]

Seven Ways to Host Thanksgiving on a Budget

This year many of us are feeling the pinch of the economy and trying to scale down our Thanksgiving dinners.  I would urge everyone not to cut down on their guest list, but to rethink the true meaning of Thanksgiving.  Your friends and family are coming to your home to be with you, not your […]

Adjusting Thanksgiving Traditions

This past year my family moved from New England to Texas. This will be our first holiday season in our new home, in a new state, so very far away from where the Pilgrims celebrated their first Thanksgiving. All of us have been wondering how it is going to feel to celebrate the holidays without […]