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Turkey Love: How to Incorporate Turkey into Weekly Meals

With Thanksgiving in the rear view and Christmas still nearly a month away, it’s easy to forget about turkey. I’m here to tell you this, “Don’t.” Butterball has a whole line up of turkey products that will have you enjoying turkey all year round. Sometimes you want roast turkey flavor without the production of roasting […]

Leftover Ideas Everyone Will Love

I don’t understand why some people want to talk trash about leftover turkey. Don’t think leftovers, think planned overs. Cooked Thanksgiving turkey doesn’t have to taste anything like the first time you have it on Thanksgiving. There are thousands of possibilities. If you were smart and called the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line® (1-800-BUTTERBALL), your leftover turkey […]

T-Minus 3 Days: Tips to Make Sure Your Meal Goes Off Without a Hitch

Three days until Thanksgiving. No, calm down, there is no reason to panic. You’ve got this. Is your turkey safely thawing in the refrigerator? Your turkey should be sitting in a shallow pan in the lowest possible portion of your refrigerator. Always wash your hands after handling your Butterball turkey, even when your turkey is […]

Get the Family Involved: Printable Thanksgiving Chore Chart and Turkey Craft Ideas

I may be a young[ish] mother, but I’d like to think I have Thanksgiving preparation down to a science. Maybe I’m a little OCD, but I find having a printable Thanksgiving chore chart or schedule can make life a lot easier. Creating your own Thanksgiving printable chore chart isn’t too hard. All you have to […]

Golden Thanksgiving Memories

As we head into this holiday season, it’s time to reflect on your golden memories of Thanksgiving. Butterball wants to know how you make your Thanksgiving Good as Gold – post your stories here or pin images on our Pinterest page. How do you cook your turkey? Is your method a family tradition? Growing up, […]

Gold-Standard Turkey Recipe: 7-Grain Bread and Squash Stuffing Turkey

If you are looking for a traditional Thanksgiving turkey with a flavorful, but simple stuffing, Butterball’s 7-Grain and Squash Stuffing Turkey recipe (you can find it here on Butterball’s Pinterest page) is your new go to recipe. The stuffing recipe is great for a cook looking to step away from the pre-made stuffing and is […]

Holiday Party Clean-Up

You may have noticed, I’m a huge fan of Thanksgiving, I love the food, the company, the warm feeling of gratitude, and did I mention the food? What I don’t love is eating myself silly and then having to face the pile of dishes from . . . well, you know where it’s from, right? […]

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! What I am Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving! There is something wonderfully gratifying about gathering together over food and giving thanks for the good things in this life. I believe we all have two families, the one we are given and the one we create through marriage and friendship. Each year as we celebrate Thanksgiving (multiple times in my household), we […]

My #1 Question for the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line

You’ve seen this number before, right? 1-800-BUTTERBALL (800-288-8372). The number starts showing up every year as your go-to for Thanksgiving turkey preparation questions. Did you know the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line was launched in 1981? Do you realize that this means that 2011 will be the 31st year that cooks will have the benefit of having […]

Turkey with a Twist: Roast Turkey with Mediterranean Rub

When planning your Thanksgiving Day menu, it’s important to not treat the meal as a crazy mishmash of flavors. If your sides tend toward light and citrus flavored, this twist on roasted turkey will be a beautiful and delicious addition to your holiday meal. If you are just researching recipes and are wondering what kinds […]