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Savor the Leftovers! Serve up a Different Take on Turkey

Once my family has enjoyed the spread of holiday favorites, the cooks around our table share suggestions for the leftovers. There are definitely a few “to-go” plates, in the list of what’s next for those good things to eat. What is the best way to preserve turkey leftovers? There are a lot of ways you […]

Boneless Turkey Roast: Endless Cooking Options

If you don’t want to cook a whole turkey for Thanksgiving this year, cooking a boneless turkey breast is a great option. If you prefer white meat, you’ve got it made, since the breast is 100 percent white meat. Choosing a Boneless Turkey Breast When choosing a turkey breast at the store, you will find […]

Turkey Talk: The Top Things You Need to Know When Cooking a Turkey 

Whether it is your first time cooking a turkey or you are a seasoned pro, time-honored turkey advice from the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line never gets old. Give yourself enough time to thaw your turkey. Don’t count the day you will cook your turkey as one of the thawing days.  If you put your Thanksgiving turkey […]

Thanksgiving Table Treasures: The Sides That (Almost) Steal the Show

The iconic image from the Norman Rockwell painting, Freedom from Want, is of the mahogany hued, glistening, whole roast turkey being presented at the table. We, at the Turkey Talk Line, answer thousands of calls each season to help cooks achieve memory making results for their own family tables. The Thanksgiving table is a celebration […]

Modernize the Classics: A Behind-the-Scenes look at Upgrading Family Favorites

  Looking for a new twist to a family favorite this Thanksgiving? If you’re feeling adventurous and are an experienced cook, try spatchcocking and grilling the turkey! Let’s answer a big question: What is spatchcocking? Spatchcocking, also called butterflying, is simply cutting the turkey so that it lays flat when roasting in the oven or […]

Thanksgiving at Your Fingertips: Trusted Advice, When You Need It

When looking back at past Thanksgivings, Butterball has always been a part of the celebration, providing the best turkey and preparation advice. Today is no different. Here are some of the time-honored tips you can use this year. Keep it simple so you can enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends! Plan well ahead, […]

Time-Honored Turkey Tips

It’s that time of year, the leaves have fallen, the temperature has dropped and it is my favorite season: fall. Every year I look forward to Thanksgiving, thinking about my family members who will be able to celebrate with us this year and planning for my family’s must-have favorite dishes. Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday […]

Butterball Talk-Line Flashback Sweepstakes

We are conducting a sweepstakes and giving away one (1) turkey gift check to a fan 18 years of age or older who votes in our Butterball Talk-Line Flashback Sweepstakes on Facebook. To enter, please read our official rules and follow the steps below! “Like” Butterball on Facebook Caption the designated Butterball “throwback” image on […]

Thanksgiving Rewind: Reflecting on Special Thanksgiving Moments

Turkey has a way of bringing people together. In fact, it’s hard to think of a Thanksgiving without it. While a perfectly cooked Butterball turkey, tender and juicy all on its own, has been the center of our Thanksgiving table for as long as I can remember, my family has always loved having delicious gravy […]

Thanksgiving Tips Then and Now; What’s Changed?

Remember when? It seemed like it took all day for the turkey to cook? And now? Our turkeys are so tender and juicy that an up to 18 pound unstuffed turkey cooks in only 3-3½ hours at 325⁰F using our open roasting pan method. The important thing to remember is to get the turkey from […]