Happy Thanksgiving! Today Everyone is a Turketarian

Today is the day! And have no fear, Butterball is here! If you have last minute turkey questions today, get them all answered by the No. 1 trusted resource – Butterball! This year, you can “Butterball It” by visiting Butterball.com. Plug your question into our “always on” turkey search engine and you’ll find what you are looking for!

And our Butterball Turkey Talk Line is staffed with over 50 men and women strong! We’re ready to take on any turkey questions our Turketarians may throw our way today and all throughout December. Just give us a shout! Call 1-800-288-8372, chat or connect with us. We are ready to help you TODAY!


Butterball’s Guide to a Beautiful Turkey

Helping to test doneness: Having worked on the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line for the past 10 years, I have had the joy of helping cooks with their turkey questions. A common question that we receive year after year is how to tell when the turkey is done. The meat thermometer is the most accurate and easiest way to test for doneness. Your end temperatures will register 180°F in the deepest part of the thigh, 170°F in the breast, and for those who have opted to stuff the turkey…165°F in the center of the stuffing! For easy reference, you can find our guide to your meat thermometer placement and checking for doneness on Butterball.com

I remember one of my first calls on the Talk-Line came from a new bride who was preparing her first Thanksgiving meal/turkey. While it was hard to hear her on the other end, (because she was whispering so her in-laws could not hear her), I successfully guided her through proper meat thermometer technique. Needless to say, she was extremely grateful and she was ready to show off her beautifully cooked turkey!  For a more detailed meat thermometer placement guide, Butterball It on Butterball.com to find yours truly demonstrating proper placement of a meat thermometer.

How to move the turkey from the pan to the plate: After the turkey is done roasting, some may find it difficult to move that large turkey from the pan to the cutting board. We have a solution for that…we call it our Turkey Lifter! It’s super easy to make. Just Butterball It to find an easy demonstration on how to make a turkey lifter!

One year, I received a very comical call from a family in Texas. They had purchased a very large turkey that Thanksgiving. As they were attempting to move the cooked turkey from the pan to the cutting board, the turkey slipped and landed right on the floor! Before they knew it, their two Great Danes came running over and helped themselves to a little turkey feast! Thank goodness they had another turkey cooking in the second oven! Perhaps next time they will visit Butterball.com to see my Turkey Lifter tutorial!

Get the kids involved: Four little Butterballs of my own (that’s right…4 kids!) keep me going! I am always trying to find new and innovative ways to keep them involved with meal time. My oldest son, Nicky, is the family techie! If it involves a screen, he is readily available to partake! If my family has a question on Thanksgiving, I have him get quick answers from Butterball’s social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram). Also, with the Butterball Cookbook Plus App (available for Apple and Android phones), Nicky is able to download recipes onto his tablet.

While Nicky is finding cooking inspiration for the family, I assign the younger kids simple meal prep tasks. Gathering ingredients, measuring, folding napkins, and setting the table, are just a few that come to mind. Keeping these little guys involved makes for fun family time!


Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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