Cooking With a Turkey Breast

A turkey breast is one of the most versatile products you can purchase. From an easy weeknight meal, to your Thanksgiving dinner table, there is no crowd that a turkey breast can’t please.  It cooks so much faster than a whole turkey, and they are so juicy and tender, such a great alternative to a whole turkey, or a great addition if you need more turkey on Thanksgiving or have lots of white meat lovers in your house.

The Benefits

Last year I had the pleasure of talking to a lovely lady whose children were grown and would not be joining her and her husband for the holidays. She had no real need for a whole turkey, so she asked for my advice. I mentioned a breast: quicker, smaller, tender and juicy. Well, that was all she needed to hear and she was sold. Thanksgiving would go on but on a smaller scale.

I have also received calls from cooks who have quite the opposite problem, lots of guest are coming, so many in fact that they would need to make three turkeys! So again I suggested a turkey breast. Now, the cook would make just one turkey and two breasts, unaware that a typical three pound breast will feed 12 people. Such a great solution for two totally different situations.

Cooking Ideas

A crowd favorite I hear a lot is the Citrus-Glazed Turkey Breast. It’s a fun way to freshen things up at the table!


With so many ways to cook a turkey breast, how could you not be a Turketarian all year round? I certainly use turkey breasts yearly for my family since they are delicious and quick to prepare.  Maybe a turkey breast is right for you this Thanksgiving?

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