What to do with those giblets? We’ve got some ideas!

When you open your turkey you might ask yourself, what do I do with that bag of giblets packed inside the front of the turkey? And how about the turkey neck, inside the larger body cavity?

Some folks discard while others consider them a special treat at Thanksgiving. And some may even forget they come inside the turkey, but not to worry because Butterball turkeys come with an oven proof giblet bag so if you cook them inside the turkey, it’s no problem!

This Thanksgiving, consider making a flavorful stock with the giblets and neck from your turkey. It can be used for making turkey gravy or adding more flavor to your stuffing, especially if you’re not cooking stuffing inside the turkey (secret tip from the Talk-Line!).

Cook the giblets on the stove:

– Simmer the neck, heart and gizzard in 3-4 cups salted water covered for 1.5 to 2 hours, until tender.

– For best flavor don’t include the liver (you’ll know the liver because it is the softest of all the giblets). But, if it’s a family favorite add it during the last 30 minutes.

– Once cooked, drain the juices with a slotted spoon and discard.

– Gather the giblets on a cutting board, finely chop neck meat, heart, gizzard and liver (if you use the liver); cover and refrigerate until ready to use.

– Add all of the cooked giblets to your stuffing recipe before putting in the oven. Try this delicious Sautéed Leek, Giblet and Whole Grain Dressing!

Another favorite of mine is Butterball’s Giblet Gravy, find the specific cooking instructions on Butterball.com!

Now who’s ready for Thanksgiving?

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