Pinterest-Worthy Thanksgiving Table Decorations: Easy Crafts and Ideas

While food is always the center of my Thanksgiving celebration, I also use the holiday as a great excuse to get crafty outside of the kitchen. The phrase “DIY” can be overwhelming to many people, especially those of us who don’t consider ourselves the craftiest. Not to mention, Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times for many of us. You may not think you have time to step away from the oven to get crafty, but DIY doesn’t have to be difficult. With a huge array of craft ideas available on Pinterest, you can find something for every skill level… Even if you’re super short on time!

I spent some time browsing Pinterest for a fall DIY that would make my Thanksgiving table unique and fun, and came across this pin tutorial for serving drinks out of a pumpkin.

11.21 (1)

I had a couple of pumpkins on my doorstep and thirty minutes to spare, I decided to make a new Thanksgiving table centerpiece to serve soda, beer, and water from. You could even add a couple bottles of white wine if your pumpkin is big enough!

It was super easy to make. Simply cut off the top of a large pumpkin and clean out the seeds and “guts.” Trim the top of the pumpkin until a large bowl fits nicely inside. Fill the bowl with ice and add your drinks!



11.21 (2)


I put my pumpkin punch bowl on the table and let my guests grab drinks from it.

11.21 (3)

This is such a fun way to add a festive harvest feel to your Thanksgiving celebration without spending too much time out of the kitchen.

I also love a good garland to spruce up the fireplace and you can make really cute, inexpensive ones. I found this Give Thanks garland on the Butterball’s Pinterest Page.



Don’t forget to share your Pinterest creations with your friends on Instagram. You never know who else you might inspire for the holiday!



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