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If you have come to looking for delicious recipes you are not alone. Every day, cooks like you come to Butterball for the same reason. Why? Because we are the turkey experts. But, we don’t just talk turkey, we have wonderful side dishes, salads, soups and dessert recipes.

With so many resources available on the internet, it is hard to know if the information you are getting is reliable. With Butterball, you can be sure that we have trusted recipes and cooking tips. We are the one and only turkey search engine. With over 30 years of research and testing, powered by the wisdom of the Turkey Talk-Line experts, we have developed a treasure trove of cooking tips, quick and easy ideas, and how-to videos.

Most Popular Recipes

Many wonder what our most popular recipes are – and no surprise, many are for cooking a whole turkey. Here is your list!

1. Roast Turkey with Spicy Rub. It produces a beautiful and tasty turkey with only 15 minutes of preparation time.

2. Apple Glazed Roast Turkey is a close second in popularity – can’t you just imagine the wonderful scent emanating from your oven with chopped apples added to the savory cornbread stuffing.

3. Savory Turkey Brine. It uses Kikkoman Soy sauce and a delicious blend of herbs. Brining has grown in popularity over the last few years. A fun fact— Butterball turkeys do not require brining because we have done the work for you! Our turkeys are pre-brined and are always tender and juicy. But, if you would like to brine, this is a delicious recipe.

4. Deep fried turkey has also become a favorite way to prepare a turkey. Check out our Brined Brown Sugar Deep Fried Turkey This recipe combines sweet, hot and tangy flavors with the juicy turkey that my family just raves about.

While you are on, go to the How To’s and get great tips on how to brine and deep fry. It will make your experience smooth and easy. Find more delicious recipe inspiration on the Butterball Pinterest boards. I love the Leftover Board because it has some of my favorite recipes on it:

Save time this holiday season and just “Butterball It!” at for your holiday cooking tips and advice. And don’t forget, the Turkey Talk-Line experts can answer your turkey questions on Facebook and Twitter.

Have a great holiday season.


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