When in Doubt, Butterball It!

I love that we live in a world where any time we have a question, we can simply type it into search engines and get an answer. But I also admit it can be totally frustrating when you type a question and receive a total of 1,278,682 answers. Many of which completely contradict each other. This is never more frustrating than when you’re in the kitchen trying to get dinner on the table and you have an important question that you need answered before you can move forward.

This rings especially true on Thanksgiving. Oftentimes, you have company over and you’re working hard to make sure all of your dishes are ready at the same time. You don’t have time to sit on the Internet trying to decipher all of the results that come up when you search to find out how many people your turkey will serve or how to know exactly when it’s done. Let’s face it; your guests will be asleep by then (and still hungry!). And you’ll just end up confused by all of the different information you keep coming across.

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So, instead of spending an entire day searching for help this Thanksgiving, I’m recommending you Butterball It! Think of Butterball.com as your personal turkey search engine. Launching this year, the turkey search engine help answer all your questions to ensure your Thanksgiving dinner is a success. And because Butterball has more than 30 years of experience talking turkey, you can trust that their answers to your questions will be the only answers you need. Phew!

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And if you don’t feel like searching or browsing Butterball.com, Butterball has plenty of other options. You can ask your turkey questions on Facebook and Twitter as well. You can even chat live with turkey experts on Butterball.com in November and December and can download the Butterball Cookbook Plus App for resources on the go.

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While Butterball.com is the perfect Thanksgiving Day resource, you can also Butterball It leading into the holiday season by using the turkey experts as a way to find recipes to cook and bake and tips that will make planning easier. With so much information out there, you’ll find much more ease in prepping when you Butterball It.

No matter how many times I celebrate Thanksgiving, I always need help when it comes to carving the turkey. If you conduct an Internet search for “how to carve a turkey,” over 953,000 results come up. And guess what? They pretty much all tell you something different. But when I go to Butterball.com and search for how to carve a turkey, I not only get very specific trusted instructions for how to carve each part of the turkey, but a video showing me exactly how. Because I know the information on the website comes from experts, I’m confident that I’m getting exactly the advice I need. Which means a beautifully carved turkey every year!

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Do you have any holiday moments that could have been made easier if you had just known to Butterball It?


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