Eat Like a Turketarian Year Round, Not Just at Thanksgiving

Have you ever thought about adding turkey to your outdoor cooking menu for cookouts, tailgating and other events? If you haven’t, why not? Turkey isn’t just for the holidays; it’s really a great protein for year ‘round grilling. Why not become a Turketarian Grillmaster all year ‘round? If you are one of the 83% of people who think turkey is a good choice when you want to serve healthy meals for your family, you too may be a Turketarian!

As a Turketarian myself, I feel that there is nothing better than a good, hearty breakfast to kick off a game day celebration, and biscuits and gravy is always a great go-to.  For those, like me, that need to make things we love to eat a little better for you, try Butterball Turkey Sausage. If you want to really kick your biscuits and gravy up a notch, smoke your turkey sausage the day before you plan on serving the breakfast. When it comes time to make your breakfast, crumble the smoked turkey sausage into your gravy for an extra flavorful taste. And there you have it: breakfast – Turketarian style! Turkey sausage of all types is available and when you grill it you’ll notice little difference in flavor compared to those less healthy sausages you may be used to.

Wings are a very popular tailgating and couchgating menu item. How about turning those little wings into big wings by using turkey wings? They’ll take a little long to cook but they’re worth the effort.  Turkey wings are packed with flavor and are easier to grill because of the size.  And for those big appetites, picture a plate full of giant wings instead of those little bitty drumettes? A meal perfectly fit for a Turketarian!


For lunch, how about smoked/grilled turkey breast sandwiches?  Smoking or grilling a whole turkey breast is a great way to add flavor to your lunch time meals and snacks. Just smoke or grill the turkey breast, allow to cool and slice to whatever thickness you’d like to have.

For dinner, the Turketarian Grillmaster can serve turkey burgers, toss on some turkey bacon and you’ve got a healthier version of the standard grilling fare. Butterball’s BLT Turkey Burger is a great recipe to try for this – and there are tons more recipes on their grilling board on Pinterest.

To find out what kind of Turketarian you are visit – you’ll even get recipe ideas and a coupon for savings on your next Butterball purchase, so you can start 2014 strong and become a year round Turketarian!


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