The New Thanksgiving Table: Welcome the First Male Talk-Line Expert

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I’ve been on the Turkey Talk-Line for more than twenty years, and I’m so excited that this year we have men joining our staff! Approximately one in four callers to the Talk-Line are men, so it’s clear that men are taking on more responsibilities in the kitchen than ever before – and what better time to bring men on the Talk-Line than now!

Our newest additions to the Turkey Talk-Line attended Butterball University to get all of the turkey knowledge they need to answer any and all turkey questions. They got a full turkey education from me and the other Turkey Talk-Line Supervisors to make sure they were ready to handle anything! Although they all already had a wealth of knowledge on cooking turkeys (and even taught us a few things!), we showed them different methods of cooking a turkey and even had them practice cooking them. They are pro’s already!

I also had the opportunity to sit down with RJ Jaramillo, the first male Talk-Line spokesman and ask him a few questions about his experiences. Check out his answers below and be sure to look out for his tips – and ask your own questions! – on Facebook and Twitter.


-What is your previous cooking experience?

*I have been the primary cook for my family for more than 20 years, and I have my own cooking blog called Growing up as a child in Southern California, I would always watch my mother cook for our family. This is how my cooking interest and experience began. I am always the one to prepare the turkey in our household – over the years I have perfected my method! I typically combine softened butter with fresh herbs and spices to season the turkey to create a savory flavor in the turkey.

-What do you love most about the Thanksgiving holiday?

*I love the family experience. I have a large extended family and Thanksgiving is always an opportunity to be with parents, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles. Thanksgiving is an ideal time for me to connect with relatives that I haven’t seen in a long time.

-What is your best memory of Thanksgiving?

*My most recent memory is our family, “Turkey Playoffs,” where my older sister, younger brother and I compete to make the best turkey on Thanksgiving. All of our relatives are the judges and it turns out to be the perfect combination of competition and family fun! It’s always a very loud and boisterous event!

-What are you most excited about being on the Turkey Talk-Line?

*Butterball is part of many families’ Thanksgiving traditions. It is an honor to be the first male Turkey Talk-Line spokesman and be part of Butterball history. The most excitement I felt was handling my first call after graduating from Butterball University. I was very nervous; even though I had the support and resources I needed around me. The first call was a male caller and I ended up answering his questions and then we went on talking about his family and his Thanksgiving plans. It was extremely memorable for me and made me feel great about connecting with the caller.


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