Celebrate Thanksgiving with Cost-Savings on your Meal

While most everyone enjoys gathering together for Thanksgiving with loved ones, one thing is certain: it’s not always friendly on the wallet – especially if you’re playing hostess. From the spread of food, to decor, to beverages, and everything in between, shopping for the holidays can get pretty pricey if you aren’t careful. It’s so easy to get carried away with excitement and toss everything in your grocery cart without looking twice. The next thing you know, you find yourself standing at the register hearing the cashier give you a total you would have never imagined! Here, we show you tips for cost-saving on your Thanksgiving meal. This way, you can truly enjoy each and every part of the holiday season!

• Budget. With most things in life, creating a budget is going to be your best and safest tool for having a successful and stress-free Thanksgiving. Take a look at all of your expenses for the month(s) coming up and decide on a number that is practical for you and your family. Stick to this. Even if it means subtracting items once you get to the register.

• Lists. Make a list of each dish you want to create for Thanksgiving dinner and include all of the ingredients. Take inventory of what you have and what you need. This will prevent you from buying items and ingredients that you already have in your kitchen.

• Divvy. Once you have a list, don’t be shy to ask your guests to bring something off of it, especially if they offer. Maybe a side dish, a dessert, or a signature cider. Whatever the case, most people enjoy knowing that they’ve contributed!

•  Look for coupons. Did you know that Butterball partners with other brands like Betty Crocker® HomeStyle Stuffing, Betty Crocker® Potatoes, Green Giant® Green Beans and Pillsbury® Crescent Rolls? Purchase any combination of these four participating items to save $3 off a Butterball Whole Turkey. Keep an eye out for coupons in your newspaper, savings at Butterball.com/Savings and in-store coupons too.


• Buy big. If you want to get the most out of your Thanksgiving dinner, plan on purchasing a larger Butterball turkey. This way, instead of going out to a restaurant later or buying more ingredients to cook new dishes, you’ll have plenty of delicious turkey for leftovers to make into sandwiches, soups, and other dishes.

• Research. Certain recipes call for expensive ingredients. A quick internet search will easily give you great information for substitutions so you might be able to find another, less expensive ingredient elsewhere. On the topic of research, price check at multiple grocery stores to see who has the best deals, sales, and promotions on everything from beverages to snacks.

• Start early. If you start planning early enough, you can purchase non-perishable items ahead of time, especially if you notice something that you’ll need for the big day that’s on sale. No need to wait! Store it in your pantry and check it off of your list so you don’t buy double.


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