Thanksgiving at Your Finger Tips: Expert Advice in More Ways Than Ever

“Will you come over and cook my turkey?” As a Butterball Turkey Talk-Line expert for more than ten years, I can’t tell you how many times someone has asked me this question. I think they say it to be funny or cute, but often I think they really want me to! Have you ever wished you had a Butterball Turkey Talk-Line expert with you in your home as you plan and prepare for your family’s holiday meal? Well, guess what, you CAN have expert advice at your fingertips right in your own kitchen and in more ways than ever before.

Maybe you are an experienced cook and you want to try a new recipe to mix it up a bit. Maybe you’re looking for a new side dish to wow your family? Download the FREE Butterball Cookbook App here to find the perfect new recipe. If you are a brand new cook that has never prepared a Thanksgiving meal this app is for you as well!

Maybe you are looking for ideas to decorate your table: a centerpiece, table name cards or silverware holders. Check out cute ideas from our Pinterest page. If you‘re deep-frying this year and want to see what that looks like or where to insert the meat thermometer on your Butterball turkey check us out on Instagram here.

Marsha Barnish - SM Center

As you are shopping you might wonder how much turkey to buy to feed all seventeen of your guests. Tweet us at @Butterball and ask. And finally, like us on Facebook to receive great suggestions and helpful tips from the Butterball community.

As you can see, Butterball expert advice is available wherever and whenever you need it! The Community Managers are here to interact with you, answer your questions (there is no dumb question), and help you plan and prepare a wonderful Thanksgiving meal for you and your family. You really do have an expert with you as you cook – can’t wait to connect!


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