The New Thanksgiving Table: Who Wears the Apron on Thanksgiving


Who wears the apron at your house? These days, both women and men are wearing the proverbial apron. Perhaps it has something to do with the popularity of cooking shows and the growing desire to cook delicious food at home. A recent survey from Butterball found one in four men saying they help out more in the kitchen than they did a few years ago, and nearly half of men play a significant role in either preparing or cooking the turkey for the Thanksgiving meal.

And it sounds like men are helping out more than just on Thanksgiving, too. Butterball found that more than half of men surveyed say they are primarily responsible for household meals throughout the year. With men doing more cooking during the year, it’s only natural that they’d want to cook on Thanksgiving, too.This is happy news to me, especially considering I grew up in a household where my parents shared cooking duties pretty much equally.

And we shouldn’t even call them duties, because in my house, cooking was not a chore, but an enjoyable activity. And Thanksgiving dinner? Was (and still is) a tradition that everyone wanted to play a part in putting on the table. Maybe my dad doesn’t actually wear an apron, but he does prep, cook, and carve the turkey. In the survey, Butterball found that this is true for 42% of men.Thanksgiving- Dinner Plate

Holidays should be about coming together, both in the kitchen and out. Gone are the days when women stayed in the kitchen while men sat in the living room watching football on Thanksgiving. These days, men and women hang out in the kitchen together, prepping and cooking for the big meal. OK, so the television may still have football on, but the important thing is that everyone is together making the very best meal they can.


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  1. Steve Volsted SR
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    Going to Deep Fry one and Smoke One on the Grill this year either way both will turn out awesome!

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