Turkey Love: How to Incorporate Turkey into Weekly Meals

With Thanksgiving in the rear view and Christmas still nearly a month away, it’s easy to forget about turkey.

I’m here to tell you this, “Don’t.”

Butterball has a whole line up of turkey products that will have you enjoying turkey all year round.

Sometimes you want roast turkey flavor without the production of roasting a whole turkey and then having to deal with leftovers. Don’t worry, Butterball has a few items that are perfect for these nights. Check out the Butterball line up of the whole breast, boneless turkey roast, and boneless turkey breast roast. If you’re a little confused by that list, know that a boneless turkey roast contains both white and dark turkey meat while a boneless turkey breast roast only contains the white meat.

Not only is roasting a turkey breast less time consuming than roasting a whole turkey, you open up a lot of creative alternatives to your standard Thanksgiving fare. I’ve put together a Pinterest board dedicated to meal ideas that can use boneless turkey roasts or boneless turkey breast roasts and maybe a slight time adjustment.

Turkey tenderloins offer a great way to introduce a different protein to dinner time. Keep an eye out for Butterball Turkey Tenderloins at your grocery store and in the meantime check out this for turkey tenderloin ideas.

Turkey London broil is simply a boneless, skinless turkey breast that will take on the characteristics of whatever marinade you choose. Guess what?  I’ve got a Pinterest board  for turkey London broil ideas, too.

And now we’ve moved onto Butterball Fresh Ground Turkey. I bet you can’t wait to hear what I have for you. . . You’re right, a Pinterest board  just for ground turkey ideas. And if you’re looking for even more turkey recipe ideas all-year round, check out the Butterball Cookbook Plus™ App for endless ideas.

How will you use Butterball products throughout the year?

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