HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY! My Favorite Memory as a Talk-Line Expert

My memories of working at the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line are plentiful.

From the first year I worked on Thanksgiving Day, I had my family at home cook our meal. In the beginning, my husband and then three young children had to learn to cook the turkey because I was helping other families prepare for the golden meal.

One of my favorite memories was when I arrived home after working Thanksgiving Day to find my daughter was cooking the turkey breast side down – definitely not the preferred method! The memory warms my heart and I remember we quickly turned the turkey breast side up to finish cooking. My daughter explained she couldn’t tell which side was the breast when she was placing the turkey in the oven, a question I often answer at the Turkey Talk-Line!  Years later, my children thanked me and said that they were happy they had to learn to cook a turkey since I wasn’t there to do it.

Working at the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line is a very heart-warming experience. Whether it is helping the new bride decide whether to follow her mother’s or mother-in-law’s directions or helping the 70 year-old cook prepare her first turkey, it has been a great experience. It’s like a hand-holding experience that reassures cooks how easy it is to really cook a gold-standard turkey. It really makes my Thanksgiving a truly wonderful day.

What is your favorite golden Thanksgiving memory?


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