Setting a Gold-Star Holiday Table

While the main focus of Thanksgiving is spending quality time with family and loved ones over a delicious meal, the experience can be made even more fun with seasonal decorations. We’re big fans of personal touches for any event because they tend to add a splash of personality and interest. Plus, personal touches and decorations are often great conversation starters.

There are countless ways to enhance your Thanksgiving table and decor around your home. Oftentimes when people think of decorations or table settings for Thanksgiving they automatically think it’s a stuffy or formal gathering, but there are definitely some more casual ways to dress up the table. If you’re not a confident crafter, many craft shops sell kits with pre-cut leaves and seasonal shapes to make garlands, place cards, and other fun pieces. Garlands can be draped around the edges of tables and wooden or paper leaves and flowers can be scattered around the table to add some additional color to the spread.

To start a great conversation, you can put “I am thankful for” cards at everyone’s place setting. These can be found at most craft stores this time of year or you can always quickly design your own and decorate them. This could also be a great task for kids if you want to keep them busy! Each guest can fill out what they’re thankful for and you can go around the table and read them aloud, or if you want to spice things up a bit, you can put them in a box and guests can guess who wrote each card.

If you want to bypass the traditional tablecloth and linens and do something a little more rugged or natural, you could purchase several yards of burlap from a fabric store, which is very on trend this fall, and drape it over the table. Kraft paper is often sold by the roll and makes a great table cover as well. The effortless look and feel of it is most likely why craft stores can’t keep it in stock these days… it’s another popular product this season! Plus, it’s extremely inexpensive and you can toss it after dinner which makes for an easy cleanup and you won’t feel guilty if it gets dirty. For more decorating and table-setting tips, check out

Regardless of the type of Thanksgiving you host, whether it be a fancy gathering or a casual laid back open-house style dinner, take the opportunity to let your personality shine through your table!


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