T-Minus 3 Days: Tips to Make Sure Your Meal Goes Off Without a Hitch

Three days until Thanksgiving. No, calm down, there is no reason to panic. You’ve got this.

Is your turkey safely thawing in the refrigerator? Your turkey should be sitting in a shallow pan in the lowest possible portion of your refrigerator.

Always wash your hands after handling your Butterball turkey, even when your turkey is still in its easy open packaging. Tiny pin holes make opening the turkey package a snap so just play it safe and wash your hands. Additionally, sanitize any food preparation surfaces that come into contact with the turkey, too.

For more great turkey thawing and safe handling tips and ideas check out Butterball’s Turkey 101.

The finish line is in sight, let’s just make sure we haven’t forgotten anything important.

Have your guests confirmed?

You didn’t leave off anyone important, did you? You don’t want crazy Uncle Phil cutting you out of the will because of a simple oversight. You know how he can hold a grudge.

Do you have enough table settings for your guests?

Yes, disposable counts.

Your menu has been completely planned, right? You’re ready for your Golden Thanksgiving, right?

What? No?

If you’re an iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch® owner, you may want to download the Butterball Cookbook Plus™ App from the App Store℠ (as a bonus it will sync between multiple devices). It has cool things that I loved, like voice commands, so you don’t have to try to explain to someone else to proceed to the next screen when your hands are all covered in flour or turkey goo. (Yes, that IS the technical term). The Butterball Cookbook Plus App has:

*Hundreds of Butterball recipes

*Voice command

*Prepare mode

*Useful kitchen tools

*iCloud® recipe and shopping list sharing between devices using the same Apple ID

*Shopping lists

*And the ability to add your own recipes

What about serving dishes?

If you’re serving buffet style, serving dishes aren’t as critical as when you are serving family style. What’s the difference you ask? With buffet service, all of the serving dishes remain stationary and Hefty EZ Foil disposable pans work wonderfully. If you plan on passing dishes around the table, it’s important to have actual dishes that won’t bend and leave Great Aunt Beatrice with a lap full of sweet potatoes. Do you really want to help Great Aunt Beatrice clean herself up when there is a golden, delicious Butterball turkey to eat? I didn’t think so.

Do you have plenty of Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil on hand to tent the turkey and use while baking as well as send your guests home with leftovers?

Post-turkey dinner clean-up will never be a treat, but lining baking dishes with foil can prevent struggling with baked on mess while fighting off that post-turkey dinner nap. Additionally, if you have room in the refrigerator, you can cover and store leftovers immediately. Worry about transferring them into smaller containers after the bulk of the mess has been cleaned up — unless you have an army of willing volunteers, of course. If you have helping hands, by all means, take full advantage.

Did you check and make sure you have a dish for each menu item?

This is rather important because not all stores are open on Thanksgiving, and if we all do our part to make sure we’re not running out for forgotten items, fewer stores will be open on the holiday and more people can be home with their families. Can you say winning?

Have you thought out your cooking time table?

Coordinating a large meal takes planning. Even experienced professional chefs sit down and think through these things (granted with practice it can become second nature for some). What time will you serve dinner? Subtract 30 minutes from this time and an additional 10 minutes carving time and calculate how long your turkey needs to cook, depending on your cooking method. The turkey needs to go into the oven: serving time – carving time – resting time – cooking time. Got it? Good.

Know what’s cool?

You don’t have to subtract time for unwrapping the turkey or finding the scissors or running to the ER because you slipped and cut yourself with the knife that you shouldn’t have been using to open the turkey in the first place with Butterball’s easy open packaging.

And remember Butterball is there to help, if you have any questions about cooking your turkey, the fine folks at the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line® are waiting to help.  1-800-BUTTERBALL (1-800-288-8372)

*Please note that the characters depicted in this blog post were chosen for comedic effect. Your uncle Phil may not be crazy and your Great Aunt Beatrice may be a real firecracker who is perfectly capable of cleaning up a sweet potato disaster; any resemblance to any actual person living or dead is purely coincidental.*


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