Celebrate Golden Thursday with Butterball: Cost-Savings, Tips and Recipes to Make the Holiday Memorable

We’ve always been Thanksgiving lovers, but this year, we’re especially excited for Golden Thursday! What’s Golden Thursday, you ask? Well, you know how Black Friday gets everyone amped up for Christmas and Hanukkah? That’s exactly what Golden Thursday does for Thanksgiving. It’s meant to get you totally prepared for the big day, so that when Thanksgiving rolls around, you can actually relax and enjoy yourself, instead of stressing out and rushing around.

So, how can you prepare for Golden Thursday on November 15? Instead of dusting off your sneakers like you do for Black Friday, you’ll want to download the Butterball Cookbook Plus™ app to your Apple device. The app will provide you with all kinds of Thanksgiving recipe tips that will ensure that you’re set for the perfect meal before Thanksgiving Day hits. You’ll also want to start really tuning into the Butterball Facebook page (though we seriously hope you’re already paying attention to it!). Today,  a week before Thanksgiving, they’ll be offering a very special Golden Thursday deal. And don’t forget to head to Butterball.com to start asking any questions you have. While, of course, the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line is open in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, we recommend getting your questions answered as soon as possible. You can also head to the Butterball Twitter page for this. If you’re following @Butterball, it’s likely you’ll see answers to questions you didn’t even know you had! If you still don’t have your menu set, head over to Butterball’s Pinterest page for some fabulous recipe inspiration.

We’re big fans of lists and recommend you get all your lists settled on Golden Thursday. Your menu should be set and you should know who’s bringing what. You should also know exactly what you need to do each day leading up to Thanksgiving and precisely what you need at the grocery store. In fact, Golden Thursday is the perfect day to start your shopping!

Another important list? One that lays out the 3 T’s of Thanksgiving and what you need to know. The 3 T’s are thawing, temperature, and two-hour rule. If you memorize these or at least have them written out and hanging on your fridge, Thanksgiving prep will be a snap for you. When it comes to thawing, make sure you allow one day of fridge thawing for every 4 pounds of turkey (turkey should be breast-side up on a pan in your fridge). Always remember that your turkey is done when the thermometer reads 180 degrees in the thigh and 170 in the breast. And if your turkey is stuffed, it should come in at 165 in the center of the stuffing. The third “T” to remember is the two-hour rule: always refrigerate your turkey within two hours of carving to prevent illness.

If you make sure to spend a little bit of time prepping for Thanksgiving dinner on Golden Thursday, you really will be “golden” come Thanksgiving!


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