The New Butterball Turkey Talk-Line Space

As the new Butterball Turkey Talk-Line season was starting, I was excited to come and see the newly remolded remodeled space – the Talk-Line was getting an update! When we were told it was undergoing some changes and would look different, they weren’t kidding! I arrived and the colors were bold and the changes were very high tech!

When I walked in the door I looked to the right and saw the first major change – the Butterball kitchen now has all new Frigidaire appliances and it was beautiful! We even have a double oven for cooking turkeys. Plus, even more space for our training new Talk-Line experts and recipe testing.

I then ventured to the left of the kitchen to see the large and newly re-done Butterball Turkey Talk-Line room. This is where all the magic happens! As I walked into the room it was modern, looked more culinary and ready for us to start helping Thanksgiving cooks. The desks were made out of beautiful wood all curved with deep pocket drawers to fit all of our belongings – very important for the turkey experts. In the corner of the room, highlighted by a wooden floor and large screen monitors hanging from the ceiling, is the brand new Social Media Center where our community managers and social media experts we’ll be helping cooks via emails, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and  Live Chats. We also have nice new flat screen TVs on the walls around the room, which highlight the most recent updates on our turkey information, recipes, images and much more.

The Butterball Turkey Talk-Line experts are now ready to talk turkey and help millions of cooks this Thanksgiving in our newly remodeled space!


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