Tips on Hosting a Thanksgiving as a Newlywed

Perhaps it sounds slightly cheesy, but one of the most wonderful things about being married is the opportunity to spend holidays with your significant other and to begin to build special traditions that you can carry on for years and years to come. Of course, it can also be tough as you both likely already have your own traditions with your own families. So, whose house do you go to for the holidays? Whose stuffing is better? Who actually knows how to carve a turkey? The solution? Host your own Thanksgiving and start a brand new tradition.

Whether you love entertaining or loathe it, this can most definitely be a solution that works as it’s likely that your family and friends will be willing to help out over the holidays. The key is to start planning ahead (as in now!) and get organized. We recommend starting with lists. First, a list of everyone you’ll invite. Tell guests as soon as possible that you’d like to host Thanksgiving dinner, as most people like to plan their holidays ahead of time. Then get working on your dish list. What food do you want at your Thanksgiving dinner and what are you willing to make? Don’t feel like you have to do everything! If your dad makes an awesome mashed potato and his mom can do a killer sweet potato pie, assign them to the task. Nobody (well, mostly nobody) likes to go to Thanksgiving dinner empty-handed, so it’s likely they’ll be happy to help. Have an uber creative brother-in-law who’s hopeless in the kitchen? Ask him to bring placecards for people and for dishes or even design a tablescape.

We generally recommend that if you’re hosting the dinner, you prepare the turkey. But lucky for you, making the perfect turkey is simple as pie… especially when you have the Butterball® Turkey Talk-Line® at your fingertips. The best advice we can give you here? If you buy a frozen turkey, make certain you give yourself enough time to thaw it (1 day of thawing in fridge for every 4 lbs. of turkey). Butterball has a great how-to video that shows you step-by-step how to thaw your turkey. And make sure you start cooking far enough ahead that your turkey is perfectly prepared by the time it’s time to sit down to dinner.

Make life easier for yourself when you can. Take advantage of Butterball’s partner savings on and stock up on Reynolds Wrap and Hefty disposable cookware ahead of time. These will make clean up a breeze when it comes to wrapping up leftovers and being able to simply throw away disposable cookware instead of washing and drying it.  You can also check out their Twitter and Facebook page for more ways to save. Of course, you’ll also want to take advantage of Butterball’s Woodbridge Wine partnership. Even if something goes wrong (like the turkey is taking a little longer to cook than expected!), you’ll have plenty of wine on hand to keep your guests happy….and yourself sane.

Once your guests arrive, you should be able to relax and assign others to various tasks. Enjoy your family and friends and your first Thanksgiving together as a married couple. When your guests leave (after helping with the dishes, of course), you and your new spouse will look at each other and say, “Let’s do that again next year!” And a new tradition is born.


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