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Turkey Love: How to Incorporate Turkey into Weekly Meals

With Thanksgiving in the rear view and Christmas still nearly a month away, it’s easy to forget about turkey. I’m here to tell you this, “Don’t.” Butterball has a whole line up of turkey products that will have you enjoying turkey all year round. Sometimes you want roast turkey flavor without the production of roasting […]

Getting Back into the Groove: What the Talk-Line Does to Get Back into Shape After the Big Meal

Extra pounds and the holidays seem to go hand-in-hand. All of a sudden, one piece of pie turns into two, that extra portion of mashed potatoes piles slightly higher than planned, and those holiday cocktails are too tasty to turn down. Now, here I sit, pants a bit snug and feeling guilty for over-indulging. Ugh! […]

Leftover Ideas Everyone Will Love

I don’t understand why some people want to talk trash about leftover turkey. Don’t think leftovers, think planned overs. Cooked Thanksgiving turkey doesn’t have to taste anything like the first time you have it on Thanksgiving. There are thousands of possibilities. If you were smart and called the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line® (1-800-BUTTERBALL), your leftover turkey […]

Golden Thursday Clean-Up

Clean-up time! OK fine, it’s everyone’s least favorite thing about Thanksgiving. Not only does it take time to wash all those dishes and safely put away all the leftovers, but it also means Thanksgiving is over. But there’s a lot you can do to make your Thanksgiving clean-up easier… and to make hosting next year’s […]

HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY! My Favorite Memory as a Talk-Line Expert

My memories of working at the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line are plentiful. From the first year I worked on Thanksgiving Day, I had my family at home cook our meal. In the beginning, my husband and then three young children had to learn to cook the turkey because I was helping other families prepare for the […]

Setting a Gold-Star Holiday Table

While the main focus of Thanksgiving is spending quality time with family and loved ones over a delicious meal, the experience can be made even more fun with seasonal decorations. We’re big fans of personal touches for any event because they tend to add a splash of personality and interest. Plus, personal touches and decorations […]

12 Thanksgiving Pinterest Recipes We Love

By now, most of us have heard of Pinterest – a great way to organize and share all the things you love! It is a social media frenzy in the best possible way! It allows us to dream and lose ourselves in this amazing content. Why do I love Pinterest? The recipes of course! With […]

T-Minus 3 Days: Tips to Make Sure Your Meal Goes Off Without a Hitch

Three days until Thanksgiving. No, calm down, there is no reason to panic. You’ve got this. Is your turkey safely thawing in the refrigerator? Your turkey should be sitting in a shallow pan in the lowest possible portion of your refrigerator. Always wash your hands after handling your Butterball turkey, even when your turkey is […]

Simple Steps for Sweetness: Easy No Bake Pumpkin Pie

When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, there’s a lot to remember. If you’re entertaining for a crowd, you’ll likely be spending lots of time in the kitchen trying to coordinate all your dishes to make certain you have enough time to prepare them and that they can all cook at the appropriate temperatures and be […]

Get the Family Involved: Printable Thanksgiving Chore Chart and Turkey Craft Ideas

I may be a young[ish] mother, but I’d like to think I have Thanksgiving preparation down to a science. Maybe I’m a little OCD, but I find having a printable Thanksgiving chore chart or schedule can make life a lot easier. Creating your own Thanksgiving printable chore chart isn’t too hard. All you have to […]