Year-Round Thanksgiving Dinners Made Easy


Why is it that my family looks forward to Thanksgiving so much? That’s what I asked myself this afternoon and I was shocked to realize that I don’t really make these big meals with their favorites foods, like Butterball turkey often enough.

This year I made quite a few changes in my life. While on vacation in Europe, I realized that I LOVE good food, yet at home I seem to just toss the same old thing into the oven week after week. No WONDER they live for the third Thursday in November.  Not only have I been depriving them of great dinners, but I’ve actually made it more difficult on myself. Turkey is one of the EASIEST meals to prepare and even if I pick up a juicy Butterball turkey breast I’ll have meals like soup, turkey salad and more for the remainder of the week.

On those days that I don’t have a WHOLE lot of time, a Butterball Turkey Burgers on the grill with some Grilled Potato Salad. It’s great during the summer, or anytime – as more people use their grills year round. The turkey burgers come seasoned and ready to cook, so the preparation is already DONE for you.  Add some Butterball Turkey Bacon for a BLT Turkey Burger which is delicious and easy.  Add loaded mashed potatoes and a vegetable and you’ll have him watching whatever YOU want on TV that night. Of course nothing is better on a cold winter night than Turkey Tortellini Soup made with your Butterball turkey leftovers (add some crusty French bread and you’ve got a meal that will satisfy the ENTIRE family).

Thanksgiving got me thinking that I can expand my repertoire easily by bringing a little Thanksgiving to the table year round. Check out for great recipe ideas, a list of turkey products, and tips & techniques for making holidays and EVERY day special.


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