Our Favorite Things About Thanksgiving – From Decorating to Cooking

Turkey with stuffing and orange and brown napkins. Family around the table and lots of great snacking. These are a few of our favorite things.

There’s a reason we often think of Thanksgiving as our favorite holiday. Actually, there are lots of reasons. It’s a holiday filled with food, family, and all kinds of traditions. Plus, there’s plenty of opportunities to try new things, from recipes to decorations.

Here are a few of our Favorite Things for Thanksgiving 2011:

Deep Fried Turkey:

We’re obsessed with John McLemore’s “DADGUM That’s Good” cookbook because it is loaded with great recipes – for the Thanksgiving holiday and beyond.

Make this the Thanksgiving you finally purchase a Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer. Once you taste a homemade fried turkey, you’ll want to make one again year after year (or you might even start making two turkeys each year; one fried and one roasted).

Many craft stores sell fun and seasonal products that can be used in many ways in decorating for the holidays. From paper leaves to garlands, most of these options can be incorporated into centerpieces, place cards, or even just simply scattering them around the table to create a full and fun scene, not to mention a great conversation starter, at the dinner table.

And we can’t forget the Talk-Line – the best part of Thanksgiving. Without their support we’d be lost, so we call (1-800-BUTTERBALL – 800-288-8372), we follow Facebook and Twitter and this year will be checking out the live chats on Butterball.com.


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