Easy Thanksgiving Dessert Idea: Cake and Ice Cream Pops

Forget the pie this Thanksgiving! Well, maybe you shouldn’t forget the pie. But this year could be the perfect time for you to add another dessert to your holiday repertoire. After all, your dinner guests are going to love all the festive options and they’ll be super impressed by this easy, but splendid dessert. And since you likely already have the pies covered, why not mix things up with cake and ice cream… In pop form! You can encourage your guests to get involved in making this dessert by bringing their favorite ice creams and toppings or by simply picking out what they want on their Cake and Ice Cream Pop. Since it’s relatively quick to prepare, you can get it going before dinner and then finish when they turkey has been cleared away. Both kids and adults will be excited to create their own Cake and Ice Cream Pops!


1 purchased pound cake, 10 to 12 ounces

1 pint ice cream, flavor of choice (we recommend an assortment of flavors, including traditional and holiday flavors, like pumpkin and peppermint)

1-1/2 bottles (7-1/4 ounce each) hard coating chocolate topping

8 to 10 plastic mini forks or wooden picks

Multi-color sprinkles

Finely chopped nuts

Crushed chocolate sandwich cookies

Chopped peppermint stick

Toasted coconut

Colorful chocolate candies


Take the pound cake and slice ¼-inch thick piece off of one end. Then cut the rest of the cake into ¾-inch thick slices. From there, cut the pieces into circles using a 1-3/4-inch diameter cookie or biscuit cutter. Of course, don’t throw the leftovers away… They could come in handy for a midnight snack or topped with fruit and whipped cream for after some late-night Thanksgiving dinner leftovers.

Put the cake circles onto a tray lined with plastic wraps and place a scoop of ice cream (about 1 ¾-inch in diameter) on top of each cake circle. Once each of your cake circles are topped with ice cream, place them in the freezer for about 45-60 minutes until the ice cream is firm. You can do all this ahead of time if you want your guests to be able to participate in the final product after Thanksgiving dinner.

When you’re just about ready for dessert, remove the cake from the freezer and pour the chocolate topping into a bowl. Now, working quickly (so your ice cream doesn’t melt!), insert a plastic fork into the top of the ice cream. Dip it into the chocolate topping and then immediately sprinkle on any of the dry toppings. You can let your guests choose the toppings they want. Place the chocolate-covered cake and ice cream on a serving tray and put back in the freezer for about 5-10 minutes so the chocolate can harden.

Let your guests dig into their own customized cake and ice cream pop! Of course, you could also make this dessert behind the scenes using your own choice in ice cream and cake and let your guests be super impressed by this seemingly complicated frozen treat!


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