A Digital Savvy Thanksgiving

In many ways, Thanksgiving is an incredibly traditional holiday. From the food to the family atmosphere, people tend to find their Thanksgiving groove and stick to it. There’s something comforting and warm about knowing just what to expect on the third Thursday of every November. And while we’re all for sticking to tradition when it comes to your favorite dishes and holiday habits with friends and family, we’re also excited about the changing times and technology that can add so much to the big Turkey Day. This year, we’re eager to have a Digitally Savvy Thanksgiving!

This year’s digital offerings from Butterball are only going to enhance your Thanksgiving, possibly creating even more traditions in the process! In fact, we’re quite certain Butterball is going to eliminate much of your holiday stress, by helping you out every which way you turn; and in so many more ways than simply supplying your turkey and offering their Turkey Talk-Line.

As the years go by you likely find yourself talking on the phone less and less and heading to the computer more. That’s why Butterball is happy to assist you via the computer and not just the Turkey Talk-Line! Throughout the month of November, you can engage with Turkey Talk-Line experts on Butterball.com in a real time via live chat, getting suggestions, advice, and plenty of turkey talk. It will almost be like having a Turkey Talk-Line expert standing in your kitchen with you as you cook, helping you every step of the way. Plus, Butterball takes it one step further and allows you to access their website in a mobile version on your phone at m.Butterball.com

In addition to the live chat, the Butterball website will have plenty of other resources to make your holiday the best ever. How-to videos will show you how to cook the perfect turkey from thawing, stuffing, marinating, and carving to brining, roasting, and grilling. They also offer plenty of tools for you to turn to, like a thawing and stuffing calculator and various conversion charts. Plus, if you’re interested in adding some new recipes to your Thanksgiving repertoire, Butterball.com has recipes for everyone’s tastes. We also encourage you to follow Butterball on Twitter and Facebook for lots of  advice and other entertaining conversation.

So, let Butterball help make your Thanksgiving traditions better with their digital offerings. Even if you’re put in charge of all the cooking, you’ll never feel alone in the kitchen!



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