Favorite Turkey Cooking Method: Personal Tips and Tricks

If you’ve been sticking to your turkey-cooking tradition, you may not even realize how many different ways there are to cook your Thanksgiving turkey. From roasting to grilling, you can even cook your turkey in a microwave in some cases! But one of our favorite ways to enjoy a Thanksgiving turkey is fried.

There seems to be a common misconception that fried turkeys are automatically greasy and unhealthy, but believe it or not, this isn’t true! In fact, if you check the level of oil you use before and after you fry your turkey, you’ll see that barely any oil is actually absorbed into the turkey. But frying it does make for an extra juicy, tender turkey. It’s absolutely amazing! Taking it one step further, Butterball even makes an oil free turkey fryer. Yes, you can fry a turkey without any oil involved at all! Plus, Butterball is offering a way to save on your turkey fryer purchase.

If you’re not convinced that a fried turkey is the way to go, we recommend having two turkeys at your Thanksgiving meal: one roasted and one fried. It will be a great way to get your guests talking and it’s always fun to try to experience new foods and cooking methods with family and friends!

Of course, no matter how you’re cooking your Thanksgiving turkey, make sure you give the turkey enough time to thaw (check out Butterball’s thawing schedule, so you can be sure to do it right) and that your turkey is at the right temperature before you dig in (Butterball has a chart for that, too!). While cooking a turkey may seem overwhelming, with these few key facts, it’s actually incredibly easy. While sometimes it’s nice to go with a tried and true cooking technique on Thanksgiving (especially if you’re entertaining many guests), trying something new is always fun, too. And Butterball makes it incredibly easy. Before you know it, you’ll want to try cooking your Thanksgiving turkey a new and different way every year!

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