Staying Organized Over the Holidays

With the chaos the holidays can bring it’s so important make sure you stay organized. Here are our top tips for staying organized and keeping it all together during the busiest time of year!

• Set dishes and platters out a couple days beforehand so you’re aware of what you have and what you need. With a post it note or scrap piece of paper, label each platter with what dish you intend to use it for i.e. turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes. Also, set out all pitchers, glasses, and flatware you intend to use. You want to make sure you have all of these items handy, cleaned, and ready to go so you’re not scrambling around last minute!

• Make a timeline of all the food you’re cooking so you’ll know what can be made ahead of time and what needs to be prepared the day of. A lot of dips, appetizers, and desserts can be prepared a day or two in advance so make sure you fully read all of your recipes to save yourself some time.

• When entertaining, we always think the little touches are important especially the things that will make your guests’ visit easier. Make sure all areas of the house where guests will be are cleaned and organized. Have fresh bathroom towels and soaps ready to go. Always have a couple of extra rolls of toilet paper in a visible location so when you run out your guests can find it without having to ask.

• Make sure you have bowls of snacks scattered about for guests to munch on before the big meal or in between courses.

• Break down your grocery list by aisle or section of the grocery store. Produce, refrigerated, condiments, deli, etc. That way you’ll only have to go to the grocery store once and won’t waste time in a crowded store running back and forth between sections.

• At the end of the holiday go through the recipes you made and make notes on them for the following year so you’ll remember what changes you’ll have to make, if any. Organize all recipes you made in a binder or recipe box so they’ll be easily accessible.

• Make sure to keep track of what your guests offer to bring. We typically make a list of all of the dishes we need or want to include on the menu and as guests offer, we simply cross items off. This keeps us organized and if another guests asks if they can bring something it’s easy for us to see what else is needed.

• Enlist the help of family. Whether it’s having the kids break bread for stuffing, having the teenagers chop vegetables, or having someone else carve the turkey. Don’t be afraid to let it be known that their help is much appreciated!



  1. Laney88
    Posted November 29, 2010 at 11:36 am | Permalink | Reply

    I used these great tips over the holiday! Having the family help with the meal made the day go by super smoothly. I also found that let me organize my shopping list by aisles. Great advice.

    • Posted November 4, 2011 at 9:39 am | Permalink | Reply

      Wow, thanks for the tip. I’m putting ziplist on my holiday tool list!!!

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