Leftover Ideas Everyone Will Love

The possibilities for Thanksgiving leftovers are endless. All of the traditional Thanksgiving flavors combine so nicely to create their own unique dishes. Here are some of our favorite ideas for stretching the Thanksgiving feast out for a few more days:

  • Use leftover cranberry sauce as a spread on crostini
  • Leftover Butterball turkey for use in creative sandwiches such as a BLT with turkey or a turkey, cheddar, and apple, sandwich or in soups (turkey tortilla soup, turkey and rice soup)
  • Stuff mushrooms with leftover stuffing and sprinkle with a dash of Parmesan cheese before baking for a great snack or appetizer
  • Create a panini out of turkey, cranberry sauce, and any leftover salad greens
  • Turkey chili
  • Turkey pot pie is good to freeze so you can enjoy it at a later time in the year
  • Turkey tacos
  • Use cranberry sauce as an ice cream topping
  • Top homemade nachos with turkey
  • Sweet potato and turkey risotto

Use leftover cranberry sauce or sweet potatoes to make muffins or experiment and try them together!

 Just have fun and try different flavor combinations to discover your new favorite dish! If you need more recipe ideas visit http://www.Butterball.com.


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