You Could Call Nana, but She’s Probably Calling Butterball


The first time I cooked a turkey on my own, I called my grandmother for help. She was delighted, mostly because I was so clueless. “What is this INSIDE the TURKEY???” I asked in horror. “There’s something in a PLASTIC BAG. What is going ON HERE???” She couldn’t stop laughing. (It was the liver, you know. Gross.)

My grandmother passed away years ago, and every time I cook a turkey I think about her, and about how much I wish I could call her and get her advice. Talking to my grandmother was the perfect balance of good advice and good humor. The first year I worked with the experts at the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line, I was delighted to discover that same balance. Because honestly, when you’re freaking out about cooking a turkey for ten, you need someone who can talk you down and make you laugh.

This year, if you need help with your turkey, don’t hesitate to call the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line, at 1-800-BUTTERBALL. The Talk-Line experts are available weekdays from 8 am to 8 pm CST.

Not a phone person? No worries — the Butterball experts can still help! Just choose your digital medium and send them your questions.

The Butterball website is a trove of useful information and recipes; find out how much turkey you need to serve your family (with leftovers!), how to prepare your turkey, and how to make the perfect side dish. If you’re looking for basics, this is a good place to start.

The Turkey Talk-Line also has an email component, for days when you don’t have time to wait on hold but don’t want to give everyone at your holiday table food poisoning. The same experts who answer your phone questions respond to emails, so you know you’re getting the best possible information from the best possible source.

This year, Butterball’s turkey experts will also be answering questions on Facebook, which means that you can see what the crowd is asking — after all if you’re wondering about how to defrost your turkey, someone else probably is, too. Ask a question, check out the answers to other friends’ queries or get the answers to your questions in real time through the live chats. And then be sure to tell your own Facebook friends that the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line helped you out!

For short, simple answers, you can follow Butterball on Twitter (@butterball) and tweet your questions. Watch the Butterball tweets for tips and suggestions to get you through the holiday rush, too.


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