Year-Round Thanksgiving Dinners Made Easy

I love Thanksgiving food.  Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes—all of it covered with gravy.  It is the perfect meal. It is my favorite meal.  I also serve it on Christmas and Easter because I have managed to convince my family that they don’t really like ham.  I also serve it on random days throughout the year when I am feeling nostalgic or like I need some comfort food.

Preparing a Thanksgiving quality meal on a random Wednesday night used to be a bit more challenging, if for no other reason than the time constraints.  Sure, I would still do it.  Even if it meant that we were eating dinner at 10 pm. 

But now?  Butterball has made it easy to have Thanksgiving on any old night with their Ready-to-Roast products.  Every day can be special.

The boneless turkey breast comes frozen in a bag.  You take it from freezer, put it in a pan and place it in an oven.  Yes, you read that correctly, there is no need to defrost your Ready-to-Roast turkey breast.  You stick it in the oven and viola about two hours later your Butterball Ready-to-Roast is finished and ready to eat.

You put it in the oven when you get home from work.  Do the gymnastics, cub scouts, soccer drop-offs and pick-ups.  Come home, make some quick side dishes and you have a meal you can be proud of serving your family.  Butterball turkeys are not just for Thanksgiving anymore.  Perfect for a busy family on a Wednesday night.


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