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Title: Eat, Pray…Exercise?

In my family, Thanksgiving kicks off six weeks of feasting. Lunches out, dinner parties, happy hours, plus all those kid-centric celebrations — and then we wake up just before Epiphany and realize that none of our pants fit. Happy New Year! This year, though, things are going to be different. Last spring, I started running, […]

Staying Organized Over the Holidays

With the chaos the holidays can bring it’s so important make sure you stay organized. Here are our top tips for staying organized and keeping it all together during the busiest time of year! • Set dishes and platters out a couple days beforehand so you’re aware of what you have and what you need. […]

Leftover Ideas Everyone Will Love

The possibilities for Thanksgiving leftovers are endless. All of the traditional Thanksgiving flavors combine so nicely to create their own unique dishes. Here are some of our favorite ideas for stretching the Thanksgiving feast out for a few more days: Use leftover cranberry sauce as a spread on crostini Leftover Butterball turkey for use in […]

Three Things I’ve Learned from the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line Experts

  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, but cooking a turkey always scared me. I thought that turkey was a difficult, mysterious meal that only someone with Top Chef-type abilities could pull off. I was also convinced that someone would wind up in the emergency room if I was in charge of dinner. So as much […]

Deep Frying your Turkey

Thanksgiving has always meant chillier temperatures for me, growing up in Utah and now living in Indiana. I sometimes forget that there are people celebrating Thanksgiving in shorts with the air conditioning on. Why on Earth would someone want to have their oven on all day when the weather is so nice outside? For those […]

5 Thanksgiving Day Traditions that You Can Start With Your Family

We all want Thanksgiving to be more than turkey and football.  We all want our children to realize how blessed and lucky they are.  We want them to be thankful for all that they have.  Sometimes this message gets lost among the pies, mashed potatoes, and turkey.  Traditions to Consider for Your Family: 1) Have […]

Why I Love My Meat Thermometer

I am not a confident cook, let me just say that up front. I do fine when I’m just cooking for my family (largely because I am married to a man who wholeheartedly believes that a ruined meal is just the universe’s way of telling us to order a pizza) but when I have dinner […]

Sweet Potato Bar Recipe to Please All Ages at the Thanksgiving Feast

Want to add something a little different, but extra fun to your Thanksgiving dinner this year? Set up a sweet potato  bar! Both adults and kids will love building their own sweet potatoes with all kinds of toppings. And there won’t be any complaints because everyone will have exactly the kind of sweet potato they […]

Kids are Coming Home from College: How Thanksgiving Has Changed Over the Years

Better get the washer and dryer tuned up, cause Ben’s coming home from college and bringing his girlfriend and friends that have no place else to go. As hectic as Thanksgiving weekend is, I always love having everyone together. Of course, what I fantasize happening and what REALLY happens are two totally different things. For […]

T minus 5 Days: Thawing

  Shhh…Listen, your turkey is trying to tell you something. It’s hard to hear because it’s probably being smothered by a bag of green beans and some of Aunt Jana’s leftover casserole that you froze back in March because you didn’t have the heart to throw it away in front of her. What you hear […]