Ever Wonder What People Ask the Talk-Line Experts?

This morning, Carol Miller, who has been answering phones at the Butterball Talk-Line for 25 years,  said to me, “Do you want to hear a cute story?”

Yes, I said, because I am all about cute stories. Especially when they involve turkey.

A man called the Turkey Talk-Line today from New York City, to ask about transporting a cooked turkey. (A common question, by the way, which always leaves me wondering why the host isn’t cooking the turkey, but whatever. Apparently a lot of people cook their turkey in one place and then pack it up and take it wherever the dinner is. But I digress.) The caller told Carol that he was cooking at 20 pound turkey at his home and then taking it to his mother’s house. How far away was her house? Carol asked.

A 20 minute walk, the man said.

“So this wasn’t a food safety issue,” Carol told me, “because the turkey can be out of the oven for 20 minutes without anything bad happening.” What was baffling her was how this young man was going to carry a hot, 20-pound turkey 20 city blocks.

Simple, he told her. He was going to put it in a rolling suitcase and pull it the 20 blocks.

Just stop and think about that, please. Because honestly? It’s a pretty smart solution.

Butterball.com has a comprehensive list of food safety tips, in case you’re transporting a turkey today. We don’t really recommend a suitcase, by the way. A cooler is a much better alternative (for a lot of reasons).


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