Last-Minute Thanksgiving Preparation

Sometimes Thanksgiving just creeps up on you and before you know it, you have an entire meal to plan for a group of people. Or maybe your original plans fell threw and you offered to entertain some friends and family in your home. Don’t panic! You can have a successful Thanksgiving with barely any planning at all.

• Buy your pie crust instead of making it from scratch. Of course, homemade pie crust is lovely, but when you’re running low on time, there’s nothing wrong with heading to the freezer section of your grocery store and picking up a box. Your guests most likely won’t even notice.

• If you’re really low on time, go to your local farm or orchard and buy a pie- they’re delicious and fresh!

• Ask your guests to bring some side dishes or desserts. People often like contributing to the meal.

• Cook a Butterball boneless turkey breast instead of the whole turkey. This will save tons of time and is much easier to handle.

• If you do make a whole turkey, don’t take the time to stuff it. Stuffing as a side dish is just as delicious!

• Serve lots of veggie side-dishes. With veggies, less is often more. Roast potatoes instead of taking the time to mash them. Sautee green beans with garlic instead of making a green bean casserole.

• Serve simple appetizers like a selection of cheeses, olives and veggies

• Forget over the top decorations. Get a festive-colored table cloth and buy some fall flowers. Find pretty leaves and pinecones in your yard for an easy, inexpensive, and festive tablescape.

• Don’t forget to purchase some plastic containers for your company to take any leftovers home!


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