Do It Yourself Place Cards

A nice touch to any get together is making place cards. If you have a decent size group of people gathering and decide to have a traditional dinner table set up, it might be helpful to assign seats at the table. This could work well if a lot of people don’t know each other or there are multiple tables. Typically when we have gatherings with our friends, everyone knows each other already, so there isn’t a need to assign seats. So instead, we make place cards for the food. It’s a great way to let everyone know what each dish is and what it consists of. Making homemade place cards is also a fun way to get creative!

Here are some ideas for making some festive cards:
Gather seasonal colored cardstock: browns, burnt oranges, reds, and yellows to name a few. If you take an 8.5×11″ sheet of cardstock and cut it into quarters, then fold each quarter, that’s typically a comfortable size for a place card. From here, you can now add and design the cards however you’d like and tie the colors into the rest of your scheme. Most all craft stores have hole punches that will actually create shapes, so think leaves, pumpkins and other fall and Thanksgiving-related shapes.

Place card supplies









Once you punch the shapes out, you can arrange and glue them however you’d like on the place card. When you’re designing your place cards think color and texture. Fall is a great season to use everyday natural materials on craft projects. On the cards below I found some basic kitchen twine to attach on the fold of the place card just to create another level of texture.

Finished place cards







Another way to get your guests more involved in the evening is to design all of your place cards beforehand, then as guests arrive, have them write the name of the dish on each card. This is a fun way to get the dinner started and to get people talking to one another! Always make a few extra cards just in case someone ends up bringing a surprise dish!

Place cards ready for the meal








The most important part to any craft project is to have fun with it. Let your imagination run free, stretch the possibilities, and think of it as a great conversation starter for your guests. Projects like this can be very inexpensive, just take a look around your kitchen or home office and you’ll be surprised what kinds of materials and supplies you’ll find!


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  1. maria
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    My first thought was – you’re kidding right? I’m getting off a plane from Brazil Sun and have to feed 12-20 people on Thursday – I’m looking for fool proof turkey ideas and your’e suggesting place cards??? But my second thought was – this could give children who want to help something to do when I want them out of the kitchen…

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