Monthly Archives: October 2009

Do It Yourself Place Cards

A nice touch to any get together is making place cards. If you have a decent size group of people gathering and decide to have a traditional dinner table set up, it might be helpful to assign seats at the table. This could work well if a lot of people don’t know each other or […]

Adjusting Thanksgiving Traditions

This past year my family moved from New England to Texas. This will be our first holiday season in our new home, in a new state, so very far away from where the Pilgrims celebrated their first Thanksgiving. All of us have been wondering how it is going to feel to celebrate the holidays without […]

Gearing Up For Butterball University

Dear Butterball University, Every year for as long as I can remember I can recall the day that the “Turkey Talk-Line Expert” appeared on the Today Show. My mom always watched the show while sitting on the floor with her paper spread out in front of her with a cup of coffee. She’d always laugh […]

If I Can Cook a Turkey, Anyone Can

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday. My children are baffled by this; they like Halloween (costumes! and candy!) and Christmas (presents! and candy!) and of course their birthdays, which we treat like holidays. They don’t understand why I would choose Thanksgiving — which comes without costumes or candy or presents — as my favorite special […]