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Savor the Leftovers! Serve up a Different Take on the Turkey Sandwich

One of my most favorite parts about this time of year, other than gathering with family and that extremely crisp and cozy feeling in the air, is enjoying Thanksgiving leftovers. It’s, in a sense, a way to extend the holiday by continuing to enjoy the delicious food that you spent such quality time preparing. It’s […]

Pinterest-Worthy Table Decorations: Easy Crafts and Ideas

One of the best parts about Thanksgiving is getting your home holiday-ready. There’s a festive and warm feeling that wraps you up when you walk into someone’s cozy home. The smell in the air whether it be from a candle burning, bubbling cider, or a turkey in the oven. The colors that catch your eye […]

What to Bring to Your Friendsgiving Dinner: Dessert with a Twist

Friendsgiving. It’s almost just as important as Thanksgiving. There are many reasons that you and your friends could decide to host a Friendsgiving. Perhaps you all live far from family and want to gather to celebrate the holiday. Or perhaps you’re just looking for an excuse to have a second Thanksgiving dinner with loved ones. […]

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Cost-Savings on your Meal

While most everyone enjoys gathering together for Thanksgiving with loved ones, one thing is certain: it’s not always friendly on the wallet – especially if you’re playing hostess. From the spread of food, to decor, to beverages, and everything in between, shopping for the holidays can get pretty pricey if you aren’t careful. It’s so […]

Second Thanksgiving as Newlyweds: How We Split Roles in the Kitchen

How long do I get to be a newlywed for? We’re getting ready to celebrate our second Thanksgiving as husband and wife and I’m definitely still considering us newlyweds… Let’s celebrate for as long as we can! Thanksgiving has long been my favorite holiday and since I got married, I feel like I have even […]

The New Thanksgiving Table: Who Wears the Apron on Thanksgiving

Who wears the apron at your house? These days, both women and men are wearing the proverbial apron. Perhaps it has something to do with the popularity of cooking shows and the growing desire to cook delicious food at home. A recent survey from Butterball found one in four men saying they help out more […]

Golden Thursday Clean-Up

Clean-up time! OK fine, it’s everyone’s least favorite thing about Thanksgiving. Not only does it take time to wash all those dishes and safely put away all the leftovers, but it also means Thanksgiving is over. But there’s a lot you can do to make your Thanksgiving clean-up easier… and to make hosting next year’s […]

Setting a Gold-Star Holiday Table

While the main focus of Thanksgiving is spending quality time with family and loved ones over a delicious meal, the experience can be made even more fun with seasonal decorations. We’re big fans of personal touches for any event because they tend to add a splash of personality and interest. Plus, personal touches and decorations […]

Simple Steps for Sweetness: Easy No Bake Pumpkin Pie

When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, there’s a lot to remember. If you’re entertaining for a crowd, you’ll likely be spending lots of time in the kitchen trying to coordinate all your dishes to make certain you have enough time to prepare them and that they can all cook at the appropriate temperatures and be […]

Side Dishes That Will Shine: Broccoli and Cheese with Turkey Bacon and Golden Mashed Potatoes with Chives

While the standout course of Thanksgiving is always our Butterball turkeys, we of course look forward to the tasty side dishes, too. Being able to dip your fork full of turkey into delicious sides like creamy mashed potatoes and veggies is what it’s all about! A lot of families tend to have their go-to tried-and-true […]


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