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Happy Thanksgiving! Today Everyone is a Turketarian

The day has finally arrived…Happy Thanksgiving! Today, everyone – I mean everyone – is a Turketarian. Men, women, and children of all ages love turkey and the tradition of Thanksgiving. If there is one thing that I have learned after working at the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line over the past 12 years, it’s that Thanksgiving is […]

24 Hour Countdown: Top Tips For A Successful Thanksgiving Meal

I have been hosting Thanksgiving on and off for years now, but the last 24 hours before guests arrive is when you know all mayhem can break loose! But no worries, or should I say, no need to fear – Butterball is here! Remember we are in this together and we’re always available to answer […]

The New Thanksgiving Table: Welcome the First Male Talk-Line Expert

I’ve been on the Turkey Talk-Line for more than twenty years, and I’m so excited that this year we have men joining our staff! Approximately one in four callers to the Talk-Line are men, so it’s clear that men are taking on more responsibilities in the kitchen than ever before – and what better time […]

One Week to Thanksgiving: Start Thawing!

As the official Thanksgiving first responders, on alert to aid cooks, we get thousands of last-minute panic-stricken calls to the Talk-Line. A lot of Thanksgiving cooks are juggling a full plate of activities—jobs, family tasks and kid transport. Before they know it, the countdown to Thanksgiving is upon them. Here are the top tips to […]

Kitchen Confidential: Preparing Thanksgiving With a Wife on the Turkey Talk-Line

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and I have made myself a note on 8 ½ x11” paper to be placed at the foot of my bed – “THAW TURKEY.” If I forget to thaw my turkey in cold water, I may have a problem the next afternoon. My wife is Mary Clingman – Director of […]

Thanksgiving at Your Finger Tips: Expert Advice in More Ways Than Ever

“Will you come over and cook my turkey?” As a Butterball Turkey Talk-Line expert for more than ten years, I can’t tell you how many times someone has asked me this question. I think they say it to be funny or cute, but often I think they really want me to! Have you ever wished […]

Getting Back into the Groove: What the Talk-Line Does to Get Back into Shape After the Big Meal

Extra pounds and the holidays seem to go hand-in-hand. All of a sudden, one piece of pie turns into two, that extra portion of mashed potatoes piles slightly higher than planned, and those holiday cocktails are too tasty to turn down. Now, here I sit, pants a bit snug and feeling guilty for over-indulging. Ugh! […]

HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY! My Favorite Memory as a Talk-Line Expert

My memories of working at the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line are plentiful. From the first year I worked on Thanksgiving Day, I had my family at home cook our meal. In the beginning, my husband and then three young children had to learn to cook the turkey because I was helping other families prepare for the […]

12 Thanksgiving Pinterest Recipes We Love

By now, most of us have heard of Pinterest – a great way to organize and share all the things you love! It is a social media frenzy in the best possible way! It allows us to dream and lose ourselves in this amazing content. Why do I love Pinterest? The recipes of course! With […]

The New Butterball Turkey Talk-Line Space

As the new Butterball Turkey Talk-Line season was starting, I was excited to come and see the newly remolded remodeled space – the Talk-Line was getting an update! When we were told it was undergoing some changes and would look different, they weren’t kidding! I arrived and the colors were bold and the changes were […]


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